The committee has made an amendment for the Stand Alone Endurance race for Historic log booked bikes Team Endurance race closing this Sunday night @ Midnight.

Each team member will participate in a 20 minute stint on track with a 5 minute board @ 15 minutes to which the rider on track has to make a changeover with his team mate between 15-20 minutes when the 5 minute board appears. The first rider must not go over this time otherwise you may be disqualified.

MODERNS/THUNDERBIKES/125GP – No changes.  30 Minutes “solo(ironman)” Endurance race. (No Historic or Pre-Modern bikes)

JUNIORS – No changes.  15 Minutes “solo(ironman)” Endurance race.

**Sidecars – if sufficient numbers the Moderns and Historics will stay as two separate races.

The draft schedule sent out is subject to change once entries close.
Please get your entries in by Sunday 7 November @ Midnight WA time. Any queries please send me an email:
I will be trackside @ Wanneroo with my son racing MCRC on Sunday so will not be available most of the day.

So here it is, November and our last event for 2021. Our Stand Alone event incorporating the Endurance Races for Historic Teams + Solo races + Juniors.
The schedule will be subject to change depending entries for our normal races. Currently we have Sidecars as two separate races, Historics and Moderns, but we will need enough numbers to keep them separate.

Below are details for the endurance races:

Historic Teams Endurance race: 30 mins

Team endurance race, riders must do a swap over (no rider is to do the whole 30 mins).  
Riders when doing their event entry will note their fastest lap time (tbc by Natsoft). 
 Teams will be made up of one x fast rider and one x slower rider. 

No re-fueling!

There is to be a flag at start line from 25 minutes to 30 minutes
Riders much changeover within 5 minute period at the latest if they haven’t already made a swap over of riders.
There will be 2 officials at pit entry to notify pit lane exit the number of bike/s entering pit to release the team mate at pit lane exit.
Checkered flag at 30 minutes.

Juniors Endurance race:

15 mins (not teams) from qualifying time on the day.

Solo rider doing as many laps in 15 minutes.


Moderns/Thunderbikes/125GP endurance race: 30 mins (not teams).

Solo rider doing as many laps in 30 minutes.

Please answer the questions in the event for the Endurance races, if you are not riding the endurance race, please put not applicable (N/A).
If you would like to pre-pay for Saturday, please choose the “tuning day” product option to save time on the day.


Entry link: Omni Sports Management

Let’s have fun trackside for the last event of 2021, another successful year at HCMC.
Yours in racing, Terina.

2022 Race Calendar.

All events are being held at Collie Motorplex.

5/6 March

16/17 April – Easter weekend

21/22 May

2/3 July

13/14 August

24-26 September

22/23 October

19/20 November

Event details to follow once organized.

about us.

The Club was formed in 1980 and the objective of the Club is to organise events to cater for older racing motorcycles and sidecars in Western Australia and to promote historic competition motorcycle racing in general – “Keeping The Spirit Alive”

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Our Racing machines...

We have various classes of machinery that we race, all based on Motorcycling Australia's GCR Regulations, these include...
Period 2 Solo's
and Sidecars

VINTAGE Machines built 1920 to 1945

Period 3 Solo's
and Sidecars

CLASSIC Machines built 1946 to 1962

Period 4 Solo's
and Sidecars

POST CLASSIC Machines built 1963 to 1972

Period 5 Solo's
and Sidecars

FORGOTTEN ERA Machines built 1973 to 1982

Period 6 Solo's

NEW ERA Machines built 1983 to 1990


1, 2 and 3 cylinder 4 strokes, excludes 150 junior bikes. Races under Modern GCRs.


For riders under the age of 16 years


Machines of the modern era