Juniors sponsor 4Ward Fabrications Photo Credit Graeme Howie – Sport Pixx

Our second interclub race round also included the first of the six “4Ward Fabrications” Junior
Road Race State Championships scheduled for this year, which are shared between HCMC,
Supermoto and MCRC WA with two races each.

The next round will be with the Supermoto Club at Wanneroo on Sunday, the 7th of May.

Watching the first of the Junior 150 races with ten entries was very exciting, with the four front-running bikes looking just like a Moto 3 race with nothing between them, nose-to-tail drafting
each other.

With maximum effort towards the end of one race, Max Webb went on the plus
side of %100 and could not make the last turn onto the straight.

Out came the red flag

The red flag came out. But, the race was declared with Calvin Moylan, Lauchy Williams and Rossi McAdams taking the first three placings.

The rest of the field were all pushing very hard. By the end of the meeting, there were many tired young people happy to get off their bikes and rest up back in the pits.

The final placings were the same as the finishing order of the first race.

Well done, all.

Max Web did manage to push up onto the podium in the last race, but his earlier race demise and the consistency of the front runners made it very difficult to make up any ground. Joel Jenzen, Lexie McAdams, Stevie Middlebrook, and Olivia Smith were only separated by a hand full of points, and the remainder of the field were also close in points.

Photo Credits John Innes – Innesphotografix