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Easter TT Run and Won

Kate Thompson showing she still has it .

The Easter TT has been run and won. 
By Ed. Glen Ottley

Congratulations to all the winners and grinners no matter where you finished. Whilst it is nice to get a gong, riding to your best ability, perhaps getting a PB or just having a fat time in close quarters with your racemates is sometimes all we need.

Thanks to the many officials and volunteers that gave up their time.
My observations around the pits over the weekend included Kate filling in for Dave (injured) with Nichola on board #sidecar14 . She immediately needed a knee slider fitted to her shoulder coz she was front exiting that far. You may not know that “Thommo’s daughters” were very accomplished sidecar swingers for many years and Kate proved she has lost none of that talent. See some of Graeme’s pics on FB for proof! 

Whilst on the Thommo’s, Lauchy was my man of the meet with stellar – fast as fudge performances on the junior bike plus Turn One Dave’s 125 dinger on Sunday. Keep your eyes on him, folks, he can ride. Yes, he finished in front of Dave at least once. Speaking of Thommo himself, despite his ongoing health concerns there was no stopping him support his kids over the weekend with a big grin as per usual. I do know Maureen was trying to hijack his walking frame “just for the day John” but I dunno how she went there.

Bob kept busy on Saturday scrutineering and on Sunday commentating on each race and name-dropping our sponsors right on cue. The yellow snow joke on Saturday was palatable Bob. 

Miracles, a shift by feel and an off down the bowling alley

Neil got jiggy on his new pre-mod Kawasaki taking it to Big Mark A all weekend and I’m certain he set a PB on the green meany.

My pit mate ShaunO brought a “shift by feel” to play with and despite it having a lot less HP than his big FZR or CBR still managed 18s the first time he rode it in anger. He went so hard the front end cried “bastare, bastare!”, so it’s a bit of set-up duty prior to the next outing.
Richard B was back to his best on Sunday, very pleasing for him, you’ve still got it Rich. Thanks for the proper coffee offer Sunday, next time.

Whilst Liv managed to properly lose the front on her junior bike at the top of the bowling alley, Father Paul apparently did everything but crash the Laverda through T1 on Saturday, with some folks with arms reaching to the heavens shouting a miracle had occurred. It may well be Pauls’s talent level also.

I (along with others) was a little melancholy when it was revealed a racemate was hanging up the leathers after the weekend. Lloyd will be a big part of supporting racers for the years to come with his skills in the shed, there is no doubt.

Thanks for being a part of our racing journeys champ. All the very best from us.

Lloyd Peace #37 to hang up his leathers

It looks like the club has grown to the point we now have some full grids for tuning and race days. This is a positive conundrum for sure, but one that committee and members will need to consider and make decisions as an official MA Period 7 looms for 2024. There are plenty of rumours of these machines being prepared and our grids will fill up further. Whilst the committee is vested with executing our events, it’s the members that can offer insights, ideas, and general feedback as to how best we can conduct these events in the future.
Whilst that doesn’t mean everyone will get their way; it does mean the committee have your information and ideas to consider when making these decisions. Don’t be shy if you have something to add.

I usually make a few mentions of some of the results over the last round, but Natsoft is not playing, and I cannot see the results. I do know Annabel and Hurtle Gear Dave set new PBs over the weekend and I do know I did not.

I think scrutineering has been going well over the last few seasons, one is the many-hands effect of having a decent number of Scrutineers available to get through the line-up smartly, always ably managed by Jodie or Rob. Another is machines being presented with no obvious issues and of course, someone to get the bloody helmet and bike stickers off the backing paper is a must!
Riders Brief

Can we ask again that you mark your master or clip link on your chains so that it’s easy to see? It’s the longest thing to scrutineer if we can’t see it, and I get dirty knees.

Pit Bay Etiquette “Always respect people’s property in their pit areas”. That seems a straightforward statement, right? We don’t touch other people’s stuff unless we are close mates/they are cool with you/you are there/they say ok. You don’t spend time lounging in someone’s pit when they are not there or use a person’s bike as a footrest or table and we
don’t fiddle with anyone’s gear, ever.
I like our sociable moments on race weekends as much as the next person but to my surprise, I woke up on Sunday morning (see pic) to this. Whilst I am known to enjoy a rollie, I was “swear word” ropable that someone would spend the evening in my pit at my table (where I also occasionally cook) in my chair with my glass when I was not there, and they think it OK to leave this as well. Yes, that’s ash all over my warmer bags. I surely don’t know anyone that would do this, do I? Whomever you are, feel free to stay away from our pits. There are lots of people at the track these days inclusive of riders, friends, families, kids, and visitors, so please be always respectful of other people’s property and space.


Thanks to our trackside photographers Graeme Howe and John Innes. You can personally thank them by purchasing a photo. 

Pit Bay Etiquette
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Great Response to Volunteer Call Out

Rob Fry – President’s Preamble April 2023
Hello all.

Since our last newsletter, we have had one event at Collie Motorplex over the Easter

weekend, just gone on the 8th and 9th of April. By all accounts, the weekend was very
successful, with some tweaking of the tuning days groups and a couple of little changes to the race program and start procedures from round one. 

It would be good to get feedback from those that were involved. Please chat or email your committee. 

Difficulties at Easter arose trying to get medical staff as the normal company that provides the service is no longer available. Easter is always a time that people want to have a break for themselves too.

Anna Farrell did lots of work to get it all sorted, and a big thank you must go to Maia, one of our
members that currently do tuning days with us, for stepping in to help with the medical
team. Maia is a registered nurse, so we are very grateful to have you on board and the bonus two-for-one offer of having her partner Phil in the flag box on Sunday too! 

We desperately needed volunteers to enable the meeting to go ahead.

This had a great response.

A call out via email to our members for volunteers had a great response, and the weekend ran very smoothly, mostly due to lots of work by many people donating their time to enable the riders to do what they love to do, Race!!As a side note on flagging, we offer a $50 gift voucher for each day a person volunteers. (As a fuel rebate). We can substitute the vouchers for a “racer discount” cost for a tuning day or give a full-cost tuning day voucher if flagging for two days. This gives even better value as it is a $70 saving on the tuning day cost or a no-cost tuning day saving $40 more. 

For those not currently racing but still wanting to get out on track occasionally, this may interest you and would be a great help to the club.

Collie TT was a great success.

With a great selection of trophies handed out.

Being the Collie TT, we had good participation in all classes, and thanks to Jodie Browne and John Mathers, there was a wonderful range of trophies to hand out at the end of the day.

The presentations were very enjoyable, with lots of good comments and mentions to the
volunteers and officials for their work in making the weekend happen. Tony Hynes, Jennifer Blyth and Dennis Merema did the handshaking, got the Silverware to the correct people and also handed out 6x $50 vouchers to Savage Motorcycles to top the afternoon off.

A big thank you goes out to all of the volunteers in flag boxes, recovery people, start line and pit exit personnel, chief flag marshal, race officials, race secretary, scrutineers, coaches, photographers, and all those extra people that pitch in and help. 

The extra people that deliver race programs from the printer, tow generators to the track, do sound level recordings, all the work our volunteer co-ordinator does before, during and after an event, I’m sure there are others I have missed…. 

Thank you is simply not enough.

Please donate to the volunteer fund on Ridernet to show our appreciation (if it appears again on the entry program)

Finally, thank you to all the sponsors of our various race classes, along with the State
Championship naming rights sponsor “Tribodyn Lubricants” and “Savage Motorcycles” for sponsoring all our race rounds, with benefits going to many members via shop vouchers. Your generosity is amazing and greatly appreciated by all.

Please ensure you support these businesses when next looking for the very best for your motorcycle needs.

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4Ward Fabrications Junior Road Race State Championship

Juniors sponsor 4Ward Fabrications Photo Credit Graeme Howie – Sport Pixx

Our second interclub race round also included the first of the six “4Ward Fabrications” Junior
Road Race State Championships scheduled for this year, which are shared between HCMC,
Supermoto and MCRC WA with two races each.

The next round will be with the Supermoto Club at Wanneroo on Sunday, the 7th of May.

Watching the first of the Junior 150 races with ten entries was very exciting, with the four front-running bikes looking just like a Moto 3 race with nothing between them, nose-to-tail drafting
each other.

With maximum effort towards the end of one race, Max Webb went on the plus
side of %100 and could not make the last turn onto the straight.

Out came the red flag

The red flag came out. But, the race was declared with Calvin Moylan, Lauchy Williams and Rossi McAdams taking the first three placings.

The rest of the field were all pushing very hard. By the end of the meeting, there were many tired young people happy to get off their bikes and rest up back in the pits.

The final placings were the same as the finishing order of the first race.

Well done, all.

Max Web did manage to push up onto the podium in the last race, but his earlier race demise and the consistency of the front runners made it very difficult to make up any ground. Joel Jenzen, Lexie McAdams, Stevie Middlebrook, and Olivia Smith were only separated by a hand full of points, and the remainder of the field were also close in points.

Photo Credits John Innes – Innesphotografix