Code 404 Concessional Licensing Scheme

This licensing scheme is administered by the Dept of Transport through approved clubs. It allows members to register their road-going Historic motorcycles at a greatly reduced rate, subject to certain restrictions, as follows:

  • To have a bike on concession you must be a financial member of an approved club. If you do not renew your membership the club is required to advise the Dept of Transport and the concession will be cancelled.

  • Your bike must be listed on a register maintained by the club

  • The bike must be at least 25 years old and cannot be modified in any way from original as manufactured, i.e. no 1925 Cafe Racers, or chopped Honda 4’s.

  • You can only use your bike for an approved club run, details must be recorded on the club’s run register.

  • You can use your bike on any run organised by an approved club providing that club records the event on their run register and you are accepted as an entrant.

  • You can use your bike within a 30km radius of your house for test runs or to take it for repairs.

  • You cannot use your bike to commute to your place of work or for general use.

  • You must display a plate above or below the number plate denoting that the bike is concessionally licensed.

Please contact the Club Registrar, Annie Tregger, at for further information or to place a bike on the register.

If a member fails to abide by the above rules and is caught doing so, it may threaten our right to have this scheme in operation. It will also possibly result in you being fined, lose points or be removed from the authorised vehicle list.

Please remember, access to this scheme is a privilege, not a right.

If we abuse it, we may lose it!