HCMC WA Ride Day First Timers and Street-Bike Information


On the day of the event:

  1. Riders must sign on and pay the required entry fee
  2. Riders must present a valid race license to the Race Secretary or purchase a 1-day ride license when signing on.
  3. Wear entrant wrist band (where supplied)
  4. Riders must attend the riders briefing
  5. Riders are to introduce themselves to at least one of the Coaches (Identified – Wearing a “Coach/Instructor” vest) and have their riding equipment and machine checked before entering the track for the first. (see checklist below)
  6. Place an appropriate rider group colour sticker on their machine (Normally First time / Novice group)

Tuning day riders must be an experienced motorcyclist.

Riders may be grouped according to their ability and or type and speed of machine (e.g., fast-paced bikes / slower-paced bikes) at the discretion of the coaches and ride day officials in consultation with riders.

Please be aware that your bike is not insured while at the circuit. You are advised to consider appropriate insurances against loss of income.

Coaches in a Coach/Instructor vest will endeavour to ride with the First time / Novice riders group sessions, please follow their on and off track instructions.

Riding safety clothing

  • Riders are required to wear:
    • Full one-piece race leather suit or two-piece race leather suit (which must zip together).
    • Full face helmet
    • Leather gloves that cover the wrist,
    • Appropriate boots
    • Back protector (if not integral in the leather race suit).
  • Riders in the first time / novice group only, may wear a minimum of:
    • Kevlar reinforced jeans or similar
    • Leather or reinforced material motorcycle specific jacket with integral back protector
    • Back protector (if not integral in the Jacket)
    • Leather gloves that cover the wrist
    • Appropriate boots
    • A Leather race suit is highly recommended.
  • First time riders must wear an orange vest and will commence in First Timer / novice group (only) and remain in that group until invited to move into another group by a Club Official or Coach.

Bike preparation

  • Bikes to be in good mechanical condition, tyres in good condition and correctly inflated.
  • Mirrors and, all glass, (except tacho and temp gauge), speedo face, all sharp edges and protrusions to be protected and taped. i.e number plate
  • All brakes to operate satisfactorily, brake pads require sufficient friction material for the duration of the tuning day.
  • The bar end plugs are in place (pointed aftermarket not allowed)
  • The throttle self closes when released.
  • The drive train is properly adjusted and lubricated.
  • There are no visible oil or coolant leaks.
  • There is nothing obviously loose, worn or likely to be a hazard.

There is plenty of help available to get you and your bike track-ready, if you are unsure, please ask.