How to join our club

If you are interested in joining the HCMC as a competitor, or as a non-racing member, the process is simple…

You will need to download/fill out our current Membership Application Form (see the “Membership Application and Info Sheets” page in the” Our Club Info” menu), fill in the relevant details and then post it to the club PO Box listed on the form, together with your payment/payment details.

Once we have received your form it will be presented to our committee for approval, then if your membership application is approved, you will receive your membership card in the mail at the address you supply on the application form.

HCMC Club membership allows you to fully participate in all club activities, including racing if you take out Competitor Membership, gotten a Race License and been tested by an authorised club rider examiner to ensure you are of sufficient skill level to participate. Of course you machine/s will also need to be scrutineered to ensure they comply with the Rules & Regulations as set out in the relevant section of the Motorcycling Australia Manual of Motorcycle Sport (MoMS). For the current version go to and download the latest version. If you intent to enter as a Historic, then the relevant section is the “Historic Road Racing” section

It also gives you the right to bring up/comment/participate and vote at general meetings, and in addition to participate/nominate for an Official position (Conditions Apply) and/or vote at our Annual General Meetings, and access our website’s Wanted/For Sale classified advertising section.

You will also need to familiarise yourself with our Club Constitution so you are aware of our Rules and Regulations of the obligations/conditions of Membership of the HCMC.