Membership Fees

Membership Fees:
  • Annual Competitor Membership: $80 (or $90 if the renewal date is missed)
  • Annual Associate Membership (non-competitor): $40

Our club memberships expire on 30th NOVEMBER each year.

Please renew your membership and pay your annual subscription before you membership expires.

Current financial Members
Current financial members who let their membership expire and rejoin the club by paying their membership subscription after November 30 do not need to be nominated as a new member.

New Members

All new members must be nominated by a financial member, if they don’t know a financial member they can attend a club meeting introduce themselves and be nominated on the night. The annual membership fee for new competition members is $90.

Associate Membership (non competitive)
Associate members remains at $40 per annum.

Membership application forms must be signed and dated by the applicant and sent with the remittance to the Membership Secretary, HCMC, PO Box 1029, Wangara WA 6065

or email to

NOTE: Do not send your membership application form to the Race Secretary and do not include it with your race entry form.

All membership applications are considered by your club committee before being approved; sending it to the wrong person will only create delays in processing your membership application.