It’s always great to see sponsors’ logos represented around the pits. It’s a sign that the HCMC club is doing well and that sponsors are getting exposure. It also shows that our sponsors are committed to our success, for which the club is grateful. I’m sure it is gratifying for you to see your stickers on bikes, too. It’s a small thing but a reminder of the hard work you and your team have put into supporting the club.

Here are some other reasons why seeing sponsors’ stickers on bikes around the pits is excellent:

  1. It shows that our sponsors are getting exposure to a large audience.
  2. It helps to build brand awareness for your business.
  3. It can lead to new business opportunities.
  4. It makes you feel good that your sponsorship supports your chosen race class.

Please make sure you get your stickers on the bikes in your race class. This is an excellent way for the riders to be aware of who is sponsoring their class, and you get well-earned recognition.

Round 4 of the Collie Motorcycle Club’s Club championship was a great success.
The weather was perfect, and the track had some fantastic performances. 6 new lap records were set, and the juniors are remarkably close in the points standings.

The next round of the championship will be held on the Collie short track in 4 weeks. This will also be the 4th round of the Junior State Championships.
The Tribodyn Historic Motorcycle State Championships will be held over three days in late September. This event will be open to competitors only, and there will be no Juniors or Modern riders.

The race schedule for the Historic State Championships has been agreed upon, and it will feature eight races. Races with less than five entries will be run as club races, but they will not be eligible for a MWA Championship medallion.
The race schedule will be available on the club’s website after the next club round. The club is hoping for a big turnout for this premium event.

The Juniors had a fantastic day at Collie on Sunday, with two race lap records set and some great racing. Kelvin Moylan took the win in all three races, but Rossie McAdam was the star of the show, setting a new lap record in Race 2 and finishing third in Race 3. Joel Jenzen, Stevie Middlebrook, Lexie McAdam, Ryder Clarke, Ella Novak, Annabel Lovell and Hannah Glassby all put in strong performances, and it was great to see so many girls competing. A big thank you to Graeme Howie for the photos and to all the volunteers who helped make the day a success. Highlights of the day:

  • Two race lap records were set
  • Ella Novak had a great first race meeting, finishing 8th in all three races.
  • Anabel Lovell had a dynamite R3, finishing 7th.
  • Hannah Glassby and Ryder Clarke kept things smooth all day, making good progress.
  • All the Juniors did the club proud.