Feb 27/28…Kings of Collie
March 27/28…Round 1/ Collie TT
April 24/25…Round 2
May 29/30…Round 3
July 3/4…Bracket racing/Top 10 feature race at end of day and P2/P3 races..short track
August 14/15…Round 4
Sept 25/26/27..State Championships TBC
Oct 23/24…Round 5
Nov 20/21…Handicap races, Endurance races, Historic and Modern bikes and also P2/P3 races

All the above events at Collie Motorplex

2 Golden Era races with MCRC  – Dates and cost etc TBC

18th and 19th July photos courtesy of Graeme Howie at

2021 Memberships

HCMC of WA 2021 memberships are now open on Ridernet

– Log onto Ridernet
– (on the top bar) go to “Licence” and click on it
– go to “Club Membership” and click on it
– follow prompts
If you are unable to do it via Ridernet contact the Membership Secretary Terina and she will be happy to assist you.

click on this link to the MANUAL MEMBERSHIP FORM to download it in PDF format 

Here is the original hand drawn logo and the minutes of the first official meeting (courtesy of Ken Vincent – still racing his Velocette today!)
There were earlier gatherings of enthusiasts interested in forming a club in 1979, but no official documentation exists.

Our Racing machines...

We have various classes of machinery that we race, all based on Motorcycling Australia's GCR Regulations, these include...
Period 2 Solo's
and Sidecars

VINTAGE Machines built 1920 to 1945

Period 3 Solo's
and Sidecars

CLASSIC Machines built 1946 to 1962

Period 4 Solo's
and Sidecars

POST CLASSIC Machines built 1963 to 1972

Period 5 Solo's
and Sidecars

FORGOTTEN ERA Machines built 1973 to 1982

Period 6 Solo's

NEW ERA Machines built 1983 to 1990


1, 2 and 3 cylinder 4 strokes, excludes 150 junior bikes. Races under Modern GCRs.


For riders under the age of 16 years


Machines of the modern era


One event licences purchased at our Tuning Days are $35.00 now.

If riders purchase them online via Ridernet they are $30.00.

It’s a fee that MA have put onto one event licences that the Terina gets for riders to purchase on the day. 

about us.

The Club was formed in 1980 and the objective of the Club is to organise events to cater for older racing motorcycles and sidecars in Western Australia and to promote historic competition motorcycle racing in general – “Keeping The Spirit Alive”

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